Montag, 28. Oktober 2013

0205 Croatia

Recognizable all over the world, and related only to Croats - characteristic cube-shaped red-white coat of arms which is believed to originate from the Persian original homeland of Croats. Red signifies south and white signifies north. That is where the name for two Croatias derives from, i.e. White in north and Red in south. 
When the Croats have selected Ferdinand Habsburg to be their King in Cetine in 1527, they confirmed that choice with some seals, and one of them was Croatian coat of arms, but with 64 fields, i.e. the complete chess-board. That is where the popular term „šahovnica" derives from, and Šah (chess) in Persian means the Ruler - Tsar.
P.S. I bought this card on holiday in August 2013 in Croatia :)

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