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0222 Nepal

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A small landlocked country on the lap of Himalayas, Nepal is a Democratic Republic nation located in between two powerhouses India and China. Nepal- the holy and sacred nation.
Nepal has the densest concentration with regards to World Heritage sites. Kathmandu Valley which includes 3 districts Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur holds around 7 World Heritage Cultural sites at around a radius of 15 kilometers.
One of the most different part of greeting in this country is that they don’t shake hands or hug. They hold both of their palm and bow down and say ‘Namaste’. Mythically this means that they salute the god living inside the soul.
Nepal has a flag that is only non- quadrilateral shaped and no other country have it in that shape. Recent researches on flags show that the national flag of Nepal is the most mathematical flag in the entire world. With blue border and red filler, the national flag has sun and moon embedded in it. The two triangles represent the Himalayan Mountains and two major religions Hinduism and Buddhism that people most follow in the country.
More than 20% of tourist who come to visit Nepal come for rafting and trekking to different holy pilgrims and beautiful sites that are located in Nepal. Nepal has a wide prospect in mountain climbing, trekking and rafting. With eight highest peaks in the world, a lot of people come for mountain climbing and trekking to the Himalayan regions of the country. Also, there are a lot of fast flowing rivers like Trisuli which are world-wide known for rafting.

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