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0256 Ukraine- Russia - Crimea (Крым)

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Autonomous Republic of Crimea is an administrative region of Ukraine located on Crimean peninsula. The Republic has sea border with Russia. The capital city of the region is Simferopol.
Crimean peninsula situated on the southern edge of Ukraine between the Black Sea and the Azov Sea is divided into two parts. One is steppe area, with huge open spaces and a dry, hot summer.

The other is the coast, which has a subtropical climate. The natural boundary between the areas is the eye-catching Crimean Mountains, which contains a dormant volcano called Kara-Dag.
Despite on a long history, Crimea remains committed secrets and mysteries, a good half of which is reduced to the unique natural resources of the peninsula. Do not be mistaken if we dare to assert that a large share of surprises keep the Crimean mountains. Tourists traveling on forest trails at the foot of the mountain Chater-Dag, can stumble upon two unusual plantation with the mighty trees that are knocked out of the familiar landscape. 
Sovereignty and control of the peninsula became the subject of the ongoing 2014 Crimea crisis, a territorial dispute between Russia and Ukraine.

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