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0275 USA - Alaska, The Iditarod Trail

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The Iditarod Trail, also known historically as the Seward-to-Nome Mail Trail, refers to a thousand-plus mile (1,600 km) historic and contemporary trail system in the US state of Alaska.
Both sections of trail are a part of the Iditarod National Historical Trail which was used in early years for all winter travel. Dog sleds delivered the mail, the preacher, the groceries, and hauled out gold and furs all the way to Anchorage or Fairbanks.
During the early years of the Iditarod Race, the mushers only traveled the northern trail. After several years, the Iditarod Board of Directors realized that the smaller villages were being heavily impacted by the race coming through their village year after year. It was decided to use both sections of the trail.

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