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0340 Philippines - Cebu, Bohol

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Cebu is  is an island province in the Philippines. Cebu City is the Queen City of the South. It has been given this name because it has all the characteristics of a royal highness when you explore the wonders of the city.
Bohol is a first income class island province of the Philippines.Its capital is Tagbilaran City.

Cebu is a perfect destination for tourists. Cebu is rich in white-sand beaches, blue waters and marine life. There are many forest reserves, mountains and hills, that are perfect for those who love forest trekking. Cebu is also rich in historical places that can suit the desires of those who are culture enthusiast. Food are also delicious. Cebu has wonderful places which you can enjoy. People are also hospitable. It will surely add to your fantastic stay in Cebu.

Bohol has a rich historical and cultural heritage.  History tells us that the first international peace treaty, otherwise known as the "Blood Compact" between Sikatuna and Legazpi, was made on the island. Bohol's beauty lies in its unpolluted waters and shorelines of white sand beaches. Lovers of scuba diving can explore the depths of Bohol's waters which are rated among the best diving havens in the world and famous not only for its richness in marine life and corals but also for its being the home of  the world's rarest shells such as the Gloria Maris and the Golden Cowry.  

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