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0352 France

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Indre Et Loireis a department in west-central France named after the Indre and the Loire rivers.
Chinon: Equally famous for its wine and its Château, Chinon has lots to offer visitors. The town is located on between the Loire and Vienne rivers and is surrounded by many hectares of the vineyards which produce the fine Chinon wines. 
The Château overlooking the town is steeped in the history of France as it was here that Joan of Arc is reputed to have come to try and persuade the then Dauphin, the future Charles VII to expel the British from France. 
Within the château in the Caudray Tower there are writings carved out by the Knights Templar who were awaiting execution. The Ramparts of the château offer splendid views over the chateau itself and the town. 
To enter the château you pass beneath the Clock Tower. The clock is a working model and inside the tower are a series of rooms recalling the history of Joan of Arc. Other attractions in the town include The Church of St. Etienne with its varying architectural styles

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