Hello mum, dad, friends and fans of cards!!!

My name is Lena.Today is Januar 2013 and that is a beginning of my Blog. I am from Germany and the blog is not about me and that I have a hobby. I collect map cards of every country and territory in the world!!! You are welkom to email: 

my swap album is here!!!
Disclaimer: my blog is mainly for entertainment purposes, and not an encyclopedia. These facts  came from information that my friends have told me, that i have witnessed, read or stumbled upon on the internet. Some of these facts may be out of date and therefore, i do not suggest anyone quoting these facts for a research paper :) 

It would be awesome is you would like to join my blog and leave comments on my blog!!! :)


P.S. Thanks a lot who helps with collection and information

LG Lena

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