Freitag, 10. Mai 2013

0151 Czech Republic - Prague

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The Czech Crown Jewels are housed in the Prague Castle. These jewels include a sword, sceptre and crown belonging to the legendary King Wenceslas. These original Crown Jewels are in the castle and are behind a door with 7 locks that require 7 different keys to open them. Each key is owned by an important Czech figure. For example, the President has one, the head Clergyman has one, etc. 
Speaking of which, there is a legend that says that if you put this crown on your head and you're an imposter (aka not the real king), you will die within a year. In one particularly famous instance, Reinhard Heydrich - Hitlers second in command who was headquartered at Prague Castle in the late 30s, apparently tried the crown on in 1941 and was then assassinated less than a year later by Czech paratroopers trained in England. An interesting thing about his death is that he was badly injured, but refused Czech blood, so he died for his own racism. :)

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