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Norway is regarded as the birth place of modern skiing. The word "ski" is Norwegian and simply means "piece of wood" or "cleft piece of wood". Contrary to English, the word "ski" is not a verb (only noun) in Norwegian, so Norwegians say "to walk on skis" (cross country) or "to stand on skis" (alpine skiing).
The Vikings of Norway (and Scandinavia) are well-known, they had a reputation as fierce and fearless fighters. Vikings did not have helmets with horns (as shown in the popular comic strip Hägar the Horrible). In fact, it is not clear if Vikings used helmets at all. The Viking helmet is a merely a legend. Although the word "viking" is now used about people from Scandinavia, thousands years ago in west-germanic languages it possibly referred to pirates, seaborn warriors or seamen of any origin.
Although Finland has been named " The Land of a Thousand Lakes", Norway's lakes do in fact  far outnumber Finland's. About 450,000 (half million) lakes in Norway are identified, compared to the 188,000 lakes in Finland. 
Yes!!! Different continents have different ways and traditions, and although people hailing from the western world share a common culture and social norms, each individual country have certain traits and characteristics that differ slightly from that of the others. The country Norway is no exception :)

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