Samstag, 13. April 2013

0136 Belgium - Brussels

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Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium but is widely regarded as the capital of the European Union and is home to workers from many different countries with over 27% of residents in Brussels being classed as foreigners. So it is very clear that Brussels has a modern atmosphere and it will be not any surprise to know that Brussels has almost 90 Musuems and over 25 theatres. 
Brussels is famous for it's robust beers and well-known chocolate but there are lots of other reasons to look at the capital city of Belgium. Some fun facts about Brussels include the fact that on last count there are 249 butchers, 874 hairdressers and 647 pharmacies. This can be noticed almost immediately when you walk down the streets, you will see at least 1 hairdresser and 1 or 2 pharmacies, which are marked by giant neon green cross signs.

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