Freitag, 14. März 2014

0326 Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic Holidays and festivals are celebrated with vigor, music, dance and pageantry. 
The majority of the celebrations are surrounded by the Fiesta Patronales, they are celebrations that are held in honor of the Patron Saint.
Every Town has it's own festival of the Patron Saint, and on an appointed date each year, locals start the celebration which includes a wooden image of the Patron Saint that is carried all over the town by men and women.
Music, prayer and joyous parades, are part of the celebrations, "Las Fiestas Patronales" varies slightly in the different towns.
Samana and Higuey are known for the most colorful and artful Dominican Republic holidays celebration of the fiesta Patronal.
I would like to join the celebration, and have fun!!!!

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